Quick Tip, Aimee Erickson

App for Squaring Up Your Photos


Many of the photo-editing tasks that used to require a desktop computer and Photoshop can now be accomplished on your smartphone. Here’s one: I use Genius Scan to correct skewed photos and make them square. 

Download Genius Scan from the app store.

Open the app and look for this icon. Tap the camera to shoot a photo in Genius Scan, or tap the file side to choose an existing photo from your camera roll (I always shoot the photos first and then select). 

Choose the photo you want to use and then it’ll appear with an orange quadrilateral (the app guesses on how you want it cropped). Use your finger to drag each corner to where you want it. 

Tap “use” and on the next screen you can “Save” to the Genius Scan docs, or use the Export button (a square with an arrow pointing up) in the lower right corner to save to your camera roll or somewhere else. The Export screen also lets you specify file format and resolution. If you choose JPG and Camera Roll then your photo will be just like any other photo on your phone. 

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