Artist Residency Update

This week has been filled with so many stories and I have a lot to process from this amazing time with the oysterman and beautiful Apalachicola landscape. I wanted to share some of the sketches that I created during my residency.

13 Mile Brand, 8x10, $900

The sketches from my time here will inspire larger works that will be exhibited and will be a featured highlight at the Forgotten Coast Plein Air May 2016 event. 

Oyster processing at 13 Mile Seafood.

Here are a few facts that I discovered. 

The big oyster houses use to process 250 bags a day. They now process 25 bags a day.

Did you that all oysters are male when small and then change to female when fully grown?

Lots of Days Off, 8x10, $900

Click here to see more sketches from my week long artist residency. 

If you are interested in any of the sketches, please email me for more information.