Artist Residency, Day One...From the Oyster Boat

A day with Eugene and Delene on their oyster boat.

Every time you eat one oyster, I want you to think of this video. Then say a little thank you to people like Delene,  Eugene, and their army of oyster friends and family. "We used to get 5 or 6 bags an hour. Now we are lucky if we get that many a day."

I am grateful for today's opportunity. Today I rode along with Delene and Eugene in their oyster boat. I cannot describe in this post everything I experienced in just one day of their lives. The trials, changes, and uncertainties are overwhelming in their vocation. Yet, I never saw Delene without a smile on her face and speaking kindly to her husband Eugene.

There will be an in depth presentation and mini-documentary later on. Suffice it to say, that I feel just a bit more attached to these people than ever before. The industry down here has changed so much in the nine years that I have been coming to paint. Even though I know today was just a small taste of their lives, I am so happy for it.

Trying my hand at harvesting with Eugene  holding on to my coat in case I started to fall. 

It was really tough painting on the boat. But no one has a job as tough as these people do. They even let me do a little bit of harvesting too! My arms could barely handle the task just once.  (Then I ate the two that I brought in. LOL. Good thing it isn't up to me. We were all starve.)

Fruits of the larbor

It felt sad leaving one another when the day was over. I really hope to keep up with them and to see them again.

Oh, and then I fell off the boat. Just my little way of adding some drama to the end of an otherwise perfect day. 

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