2017 Best Blog Party Ever Wrap-Up: Your Next Adventure Awaits!


There were SO many questions asked. I have lots more blogging to do! Thank you to everyone who submitted a topic for me. Here's one last one to finish the month:


Hi Lori, I'm loving your blogposts this month! Here's a question for you: Do you approach painting on an overcast day differently than a sunny day? Is there anything that you do differently, or that you think about in a different way? Thanks so much, Bobbi

Lori's Response:

TOTALLY! I definitely approach sunlight and shadow paintings differently than local tone or light/dark pattern pieces (overcast is a good example where either of those could work).



Here's a simple way to think about that. In a light and shadow painting, you have only two, main pieces. The lights and the shadows. You try to mass those two pieces in the largest shapes possible and ignore all the tiny bits. In this example, if the larger part of the surrounding area was shadow, I "ate up" the tiny lights with the shadow mass and will place smaller bits of light on top at the end.


On an overcast day, I tend to either see it as either a light/dark pattern (without regard to sunlight and shadow) or as a local tone. Local tone paintings need three distinct masses. Imagine for simplicity that you have a scene with a ground plane, slants or uprights (like mountains or trees), and a sky.  The sky is a value mass, the slants or uprights are a second mass, and the ground plane is the third.


Notice that even the cloud shadows are really a part of the shadow shape. Knowing this helps you be sure there is unequal proportion to the two masses. The above example feels pretty equal (sunlight to shadow). To strengthen it, I would edit to make either the sunlight shape larger, or the shadow shape larger. Learning to edit can turn a good painting into a great one!


It's a totally different way of seeing and developing the work now. As I said, this is a very simplified explanation and rarely do the three masses separate quite so cleanly as sky, uprights, ground. In this example, part of the mountain is the same mass as the sky and distant water. The more you begin to observe this, the clearer that will become.

At all cost, do NOT make up a sunlight and shadow pattern if one is not visible!


I sincerely want to thank you, my readers. It was a risk making this year's Blog Party all about moi and the answers I had to share. Let me know what you think. We start planning the 2018 Best Blog Party sooner than you might think so please write a comment on what format you would like for this to take on next year.

Remember you can always send me a note with more questions too!

Up Next

Whew, lots to do. My Annual Tennessee Workshops begin in just a couple of days. Three separate workshops back-to-back, 40+ people all total, PLUS a Studio Open House, two farewell dinners prepared by my wonderful husband, a public demonstration, optional lectures, and more. I'll be SOOOOO ready for rest and giving thanks. By the way, these workshops are very popular and fill almost immediately. (In fact, there were 40 or so MORE people on waiting lists who did not make it in this year!) So, if you are interested in 2018, please be sure you are a subscriber to my announcements list and have indicated your interest by checking the option, Yes! Please email me when the Annual Tennessee Workshops are open for registration.

Also, keep an eye out for workshops in other areas that may be nearer to you. In 2018 I am currently scheduled to teach in New Zealand, Scottsdale, and Maine. There are very few spaces left in those workshops as of this post.

To our next adventure!


Finally, an Online Learning Opportunity for you! Literally, I have been working on a way to offer learning without you having to travel since early in 2013. The program has taken on many forms and faces. It has been a huge job to sort it all out because it is so important to me to offer you a serious chance to grow and, at the same time, be certain I did not commit to so much that I could not keep up with my own work.

I'm very proud and excited about this. It's something I have dreamed of for a very long time and I hope you will find it is just what you need. I can only take a limited number of participants at a time.

As this is totally new, I would appreciate you letting me know if you find kinks along the way. 

Thanks again for reading! Have a wonderful November.