Feeling very lucky to have been invited to the Maui Plein air Invitational for the second year in a row.

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Flew to Maui a day earlier than I needed. It takes ALL day and many airports to get here. My flight left Nashville around 8 a.m. central time and arrived on Maui around 10 pm Hawaii-Aleutian time. The car rental company I use is Kimo's. Instead of paying $1300-$1500 for 10 days, I pay about $250-$300. These are not the prettiest vehicles, but they run (well, most of the time they run). They are always parked at the most distant parking lot from the airport. It's a long walk with two large suitcases in tow.

Add another 40-minute drive to get to Lahaina, and a girl can be pretty exhausted. The time between the first step out of bed in Nashville to laying my head on a pillow in Maui is about 22 hours. Having the extra day to rest a little, scout painting locations, and paint a little on my own is great. Thanks to my hosts, Caroline and Jack Belsom for letting me crash the extra night! (More about them in an upcoming post).

I spent Thursday re-familiarizing myself with the island , imagining the places I will stop and paint, and shopping for a dress for the opening reception. (Mine are all packed away in a storage unit somewhere). That's actually kind of sad. I have the perfect dress, freezing it's @$$ off in Nashville. Oh well, what's a girl to do?

Friday evening was our artist orientation. These festivals are like wonderful reunions. When I leave Nashville, I start getting excited about which friends will be there. It is so inspiring to be in a room with such great artists. Thank you to our lovely hosts this evening, the Ann and Dominic Pistillo, who opened their homes to the artists, organizers, and guests. They have transformed their property into eden. The vision and amount of work they have put in when selecting, planting, and designing paths through their gardens is astounding.

Early Morning Cove

At the orientation, each artist turns in a mini-painting to be auctioned off on Monday evening. These small gems are works we bring with us, and nothing can be larger than 8x8. It's a great way to get the patrons "in a buying mood," meet collectors, and it energizes the artists for the week of work ahead.

My mini-painting: Early Morning Cove, 8x8.

jodo mission

I am looking forward to more exploring and new scenes that I'll find over the next few days. But first on tap (Saturday morning), the Kick Off Paint at Lahaina Jodo Mission.