Celebrating Why Artists Create, Jane Bell Meyer

Illume Gallery of Fine Art

Illume Gallery of Fine Art

When I was about to open the doors of my third gallery, Ilume Gallery of Fine Art in downtown Salt Lake City, I was thinking of a way to take an extra moment to share thoughts from our artists about why they create and how their authentic self is exposed with each original works that they create.  Instead of trying to interpret those words, I decided to ask an artist each year to share their thoughts directly, in the form of a bronze medallion and a brief writing.  We call this message “Wise Hearted.”

Wise Hearted Coin, Front

This medallion is given to our collector upon their first purchase of every year. The client is not aware of this gift until their transaction is completed. It is presented in its own box that includes a description and explanation of the bronze written by the artist. The medallion cannot be purchased and only one is given a year. The edition is to each calendar year and is no longer available after December 31st.  On January 1st the new is given. This year's Medallion was created by Lori Putnam! The card that Lori wrote that accompanies the medallion is especially thoughtful and inspiring!

Wise Hearted Coin, Back

This light piece of Lori's is enriching each sale we are making this year! We appreciate the time and inspiration that Lori took to create this exquisite bronze!

Jane Bell Meyer

Owner, Ilume Gallery of Fine Art