Gearing Update: My Mini-pack


Sometimes I just need a quick, mini-pack to grab and run. This comes in handy when I am not going on a long trip or have large work to produce in the field. It is super lightweight and, just like an emergency kit, I can always have it stocked and ready! Total weight is less than your 10 lb. sack of flour. Backpack/purse: Literally supposed to be used as a purse, this is super small and has no frills (like water bottle holders or inside pockets, etc.)


OpenBox M 8x10: As with all of their boxes, the 8x10 refers to the mixing area. I can paint anything up to 16" wide.


Slik Sprint Pro II Mini: A shorter version of the Slik Sprint Pro II, this tripod is super sturdy just like the larger. At only $67, it's a gotta-get! (NOTE: I am only 5'6" tall.  If you are taller, and you stand to paint like I do, you may have to move up a stick to the Slik Sprint Pro II, not the mini.)


Minimal brushes: The Rosemary 8-piece set gets me by just fine.

Collapsible Umbrella by JudsonArt.

Basic paint set: Only need 3 colors (Cad Yellow Light, Napthol Red, Ultramarine Blue) and white to paint 97% of what comes my way. Notice in this pic that I have mixed secondaries from the three primaries to make paint mixing faster. The pile of warm neutral at the bottom is just where I cleaned off my palette knife after mixing the secondaries together. That other little clear pile bottom right is Gamblin, Solvent Free Gel. 


My turp contraption with Gamsol (see last week's post on this little cutie).

Trash bag, sunscreen, water.