LPAPA 16th Annual Invitational

"Crash Site"

Private Collection

Last week was gloriously beautiful in Laguna Beach, California and 

what a 

great event these folks put together for us!

"Putting up the Big Tent"

Events such as these are extraordinarily exhausting and enormously rewarding. With extra-long work days, lifting, tugging, and backpacking with paint gear can really wear me out. Still, just about the time I think I can do no more, I see the most wonderful scene just calling out to be painted.

I'm a beach girl at heart. I could listen to the sound of the waves forever. Every day I did eventually have to stop, walk across the warm sand, 

drive back to the condo and get some rest. The most difficult part 

about this trip, is that just like every other trip, it came to an end.

"Painting with friends after all the deadlines were completed"

Yes, we paint for fun on our off days.

  • Thanks to everyone at LPAPA. It has long been a dream of mine to paint this part of the California coast.
  • Thanks to Randy Higbee for honoring me with an award.
  • Thanks to my collectors who graciously added more work to their walls.

New collectors Mary Linda and Jay Strotkamp