Maui, Part 2, 3, and so on


I always think I am going to do little mini-blogs during these events. By about the second day, I'm just running myself crazy painting from sunrise to sunset and sometimes beyond. I don't know how other artists do all of that and blog too. I only have painting on my mind. So... below are the notes I started to make for posts 2, 3, and 4. Maui Post 2 :

Beginning an event with an event like this, leaves no room for hesitation.  They are fun and exciting but also a little nerve-racking. It helps that I had a day to check in and be sure that my paints arrived, that I hadn't forgotten any gear, and warm up to the light quality and color of a totally different landscape.

Lots of people came out to watch.  That is always very exciting! Happy to report that my painting of the Mission sold to a nice lady named Judy.

The rest of the day was torrential downpours and gale-force winds. It wasn't until about 5 pm that I could venture out to paint again.  Here's my view above Lahaina at dusk.

Lahaina at dusk.

Monday brought beautiful weather and I headed Up Country to paint inland for the day.  At about 3000 ft elevation, everything is very different.  It is also quite a bit chillier.

Michael Clements, Jim McVicker and his wife, Jennifer and I painted several locations until it was just too dark to paint anymore.  We began on a farm, moved down the road in front of Oprah's house, then to the little town and had lunch and painted again.  We ran into Debra Huse and Randy Sexton along the way and finished our day painting Sunset Park.  I didn't get the best paintings of my life, but I did see some spectacular scenery and enjoyed the time learning and painting with friends.

View from Up Country at Sun Yat Sen Park

Feeling a bit beaten down by the paintings the day before, I set out on Tuesday with new determination and drove to Honolua Bay for the day.  Last year I painted up high looking down at the surfers below.  This time, I decided to go down to the beach and paint. Good move there. You can get back in the cove and be sheltered from the wind and sun.

Here's the painting from the morning there:


Later in the day, I also painted "Girl Trip":

Painting in Honolua cove.

That event, Jean Stern gave a lecture to the public on collecting art, and the auction for the mini-paintings was held. (See Maui Post 1).  Thankful to my collector, Katherine, who picked up another piece from me this year!

Organizers of plein air events have a difficult task to balance private time for the artists to paint and create on their own with public time to paint and be seen by potential collectors. On Tuesday, we had most of the day to ourselves. Lahaina has lots of steet scenes and alley ways. As luck would have it, this "free" parking spot just happened to be right where I wanted to paint.

Tattoos is an early morning painting in downtown Lahaina.

From 4-6, we had a sunset paint at Montage Resort at Kapalua. Lots of people came out to watch and many even climbed out on the rocks to get an up-close and personal demonstration.

Painting at the Montage in Kapula

This is the resulting painting:

My painting, Glitter, from the Montage Resort in Kapalua

Wednesday was another full day of painting on our own. I decided to paint just on the outskirts of town for the day.

For every painting posted here, there is at least one other that I have not. Sometimes, you just have to know when to keep 'em and when to scrape 'em and paint a new one. Here are a couple of "keeper" paintings from Wednesday:

Daybreak painting just off the highway in Lahaina.
Grazing, 14x18, was painting looking at the mountains and cows just off the highway.

Framing time. We had to pick 3 pieces to enter for judging. After polling my husband and couple of artist friends, I chose "Changing Winds," "Glitter," and "Grazing." These paintings were turned in by mid-afternoon.

During the evening, the artists and their "+ 1," and their hosting families enjoyed a coctail party at the Montage Resort. Ronaldo Macedo was honored there. He is the visionary who had the idea of sharing Maui with other painters 10 years ago. So happy he found support to make it happen.

Friday morning, Quick Draw at Pioneer Inn always brings a crowd.We paint from 9-11, then frame the work and take it to the gallery. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good picture of the painting. Fortunately, it has found a new home!

Quick Draw painting, Boat Day, 12x16.

Friday evening the exhibition opens with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. Hiu Lai Chong did a magnificent painting of the train and won best of show! Truly deserved.

Hiu Lai Chong's winning painting

Lots of patrons and paintings flying off the walls all evening and on Saturday morning as well. The exhibition runs through Sunday at 9 p.m.

Mahalo to the wonderful organizers: Una Sommerville, Lois Reiswig, Ronaldo Macedo, and gallery owner Lynn Shue of Village Galleries in Lahaina. I hope to see you all again next February!

See more images at Maui Plein air Invitational

Final words: Every year Jean Stern gives what he calls the knucklehead award. It goes to an artist who turns in a replacement painting on the second day of the event, that he thought should have been turned in the first day for judging (implying it might have been up for a real award). "Tattoos" received the Jean Stern Knucklehead award. Thanks, Jean, for my Guy Rose book!