New Studio Update


And this is how it goes..


Beautiful view after the rain!

What a beautiful afternoon view following the rain!

Having built several homes in my life, there are a few things that I know to expect along the way. One, that the house will look very small when it is first staked out; two, that there will be many bumps along the way; three, that everything takes longer than I think it should; and four, that there is a point during construction where it appears very little is being done. That is where we are right now.

Even though they are huge, important jobs, seeing the electrician's and plumber's rough-in, just doesn't get me too excited. At most, I might feel a bit anxious about it. "Did they put holes in the wrong place that now have to be patched? Is the toilet in the bathroom or the kitchen? Is the overhead light centered in the room?"

Back to those things I know to expect... bumps, delays, etc. Indeed a few holes have been drilled where they do not belong. Stuff happens.  They will be filled and only Mark and I will know they were ever there; the plumbing is behind (no pun intended); and the studio no longer looks small at all.

Any of you who know Mark and me personally, know that we are no strangers to hard work or physical labor. Exhaustion and sore muscles feel amazingly good when they result from sheer determination and accomplishment. Many times, the main reason for hiring a contractor to do a job for us, is the simple fact that we cannot find the time to do it ourselves. Last weekend was an extreme exception. Late on Friday afternoon, Mark rented a U-Haul truck so we could pick up 4 tons of hardwood flooring that had been ordered. See that nice man at the lumber place and his forklift in the image above? Very early on Saturday morning, sans forklift, Mark and I unloaded all of the flooring into the studio one box at a time. By 8:00 a.m. we had it neatly stacked and ready for use in a week or so. There are 3 piles of it. The one below is the smallest of the three.

An unusually less-humid-than-normal day for middle Tennessee, and a slight sprinkle off and on, made it the perfect day for working in the yard. There is a lot of construction debris that happens when you build.  It starts with one pile, which quickly grows to 3, 4, or more. I took this photo when I was about one-quarter-way through with my project for the weekend... construction clean-up.

For most of the day Saturday and Sunday, I sorted, stacked, and divided 4 nasty piles, into stacks of recycle, repurpose, donate, and clean burn. 

Ever the artist, any breaks I took were spent staring at the white pine flames and thinking about how I would paint them.

Recovered materials for future projects were moved to here...

I turned piles like this...

into yard like this...

while Mark did this...

to open the utility trench he needed like this...

Now the plumber and electrician and finish up some work, which will allow the rest of the sheet rock to be finished and the flooring installed. 

Stay tuned!