Studio Update

So much to report!
Looking up toward the loft.

While I've been traveling and painting throughout June and most of July, much progress has been made on the studio.

Looking into the studio area from the loft above. July 24.

Those first few stumbling blocks that caused so many delays at the start of the studio seem just small bumps in the road now. Once we rid ourselves of an incompetent sub-contractor, things really started to take off.

Here are some pictures that help describe how the building will be used. All of these were taken on July 24. Amazing, isn't it, that so much could happen in one month!

Now, the first week of August, and the progress pics (more are posted here) are so very exciting!

Starting the western cedar on the north wall. Aug. 5

Fireplace almost built. French doors and all windows are in. Aug. 5

Looking up toward the ceiling. Insulation next, then tongue and groove goes on.
Tongue and groove under the roof of the loading dock. Aug. 8.

I'm only in town for about a week before hitting the road again. While I am gone, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and other subs will be getting and doing their jobs. Those pictures, of course, will not reveal much change. That's the way building goes. Soon after, the cabinets, floor, and other interior finishing will begin. Those things take time. Still, I am planning on teaching in the new space on Nov. 3. Time will tell!