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Artists and Conservancy: Depicting the Native American Legacy

This is a 6 part series on the role artists can play in the conservation and preservation of land and buildings. In this installment, I discuss the Sedona Plein Air Festival's theme of The Native American Legacy. 

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The Party's Over... a Parting Gift

Our best-blogger award goes to Carolyn Anderson, for the post Four Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve your Painting, sending you a little nifty gift for your amazing blog post. Now, all of you who joined in got social, we put your names in the hat to win a little surprise.

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Sedona Plein Air Festival: Engaging Audience through a Special Theme, Vince Fazio

The job of the event organizer is to create a vessel that brings art, artists and audience together with a sense of excitement and intrigue building towards a crescendo (or two). This includes balancing different pieces of the event and allowing time for all elements to have their place. It’s a lot like cooking a seven course meal and then hosting the party (for a week). Compositionally it is also like painting…the big pieces have to be interesting on their own and have to come together to create something surprising.

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