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Method to the Magic and Other Creative Musings, Jennifer McChristian

Often people ask me about the difference between how I work when painting a studio piece versus how I work when painting outdoors. With plein air there is a certain amount of spontaneity, mental fortitude and ingenuity that is required to complete a painting in one session.  Working en plein air engages you in its visceral experience and makes you more sensitive to subtle color changes and tonal gradations due to changing atmospheric conditions.  Because of these quickly changing conditions I am forced to paint in a more intuitive and expressive manner, capturing the essence and impression of my subject matter and omitting unnecessary and irrelevant detail.  Painting from life is essential to every artist.  It sharpens the memory, dramatically improves draftsmanship, and gradually enhances painting proficiency. 

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Tribute: Paul Kratter

This past week I took a pack trip to the Eastern Sierras with 6 other painters. This is the second year for me to make the trip. My friends Paul Kratter and Bill Cone have organized the where and when for this annual hike for 11 years, and it is always special to be invited to join the group.

Paul and I first met in Los Gatos at their plein air festival many years ago. We immediately became friends.

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