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Trends and Finding Your Voice... and a P.S. for Aleex

Each of us needs to all search diligently for our own voice. At one time, I painted still life in a very tight, representational, chiaroscuro style. I did that to prove to myself that I could. I needed to prove (even to myself) that by painting loosely

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Celebrating Why Artists Create, Jane Bell Meyer

When I was about to open the doors of my third gallery, Ilume Gallery of Fine Art in downtown Salt Lake City, I was thinking of a way to take an extra moment to share thoughts from our artists about why they create and how their authentic self is exposed with each original works that they create.  Instead of trying to interpret those words, I decided to ask an artist each year to share their thoughts directly, in the form of a bronze medallion and a brief writing.  We call this message “Wise Hearted.”

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Why Varnish, Scott Gellatly

Why Varnish? As painters, you might know that other painters do it. As collectors, you might know that some of your artists do it. So…what is varnishing and why is it important?

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