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Trends and Finding Your Voice... and a P.S. for Aleex

Each of us needs to all search diligently for our own voice. At one time, I painted still life in a very tight, representational, chiaroscuro style. I did that to prove to myself that I could. I needed to prove (even to myself) that by painting loosely

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Strategies for Painting Cityscapes, Terry Miura

One of the reasons why cityscapes gives us so much trouble is that there’s just way too much information to deal with. If you started painting every window on every building, every tire on every car, it would take forever. I mean you have to draw everything in perspective, to begin with. If your drawing is off, it shows. Nope, cityscapes aren’t as forgiving as painting trees and boulders. So at least for me, a lot of what makes cityscapes doable has to do with strategies in simplification. How to edit down the amount of stuff that gets described, how to suggest rather than describe, how to say more with less. The following are my strategies. Some are pretty basic, but I thought it might be interesting to see how they were applied in a specific painting.

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