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Trends and Finding Your Voice... and a P.S. for Aleex

Each of us needs to all search diligently for our own voice. At one time, I painted still life in a very tight, representational, chiaroscuro style. I did that to prove to myself that I could. I needed to prove (even to myself) that by painting loosely

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My Evolution as a Painter, David Shevlino

I became enthralled with art when I was in my early teens in mid- 1970's.  My first exposure to painting was through books about the old masters I found at a neighbor’s yard sale.  I grew up near NYC and eventually started making trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I would take a sketch pad and draw from the sculpture.  I was also making copies of paintings at home from all the books I could get my hands on.  My interest naturally gravitated toward the 15th through 19th century.  At that time I had no interest in modern or contemporary art.

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