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Does Your Scene work Better with Two Main Masses or Three?

A recent workshop attendee sent this image of “The Milkmaid” by Joaquín Sorolla and asked about the “lighting.” We had discussed types of light in a breakout session. A lot of my study and understanding of how to interpret an artist’s vision I credit to Quang Ho. It is Quang to whom I give credit for the lightbulb going off (or is it on???) in my head. He uses a few different terms than I. As I absorbed his teaching and tumbled it around in my own mind, these terms are what made more sense to me personally. They are just words, after all,

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Keeping Neutral

No. This is not a political post. It is about color and it's relative intensity to other colors in a painting. It fascinates me when someone comments on how colorful my work seems to them. In fact, my paintings rarely have any really strong color in them at all. As artists, we have the opportunity to share our personal color perceptions with viewers of our work. We can also choose to push color to a more chromatic intensity, neutralize colors to suggest certain moods, even change colors altogether. That's the best part. 

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