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Plein Air Painting is Tough! (and some stuff that has helped me) Carol Marine

If you’ve never done it, I’m here to tell you that plein air painting (painting outside) is hard! The toughest I’ve done. If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about already. Let us count the ways: Bugs. People passing by who feel the need to go on for 30 minutes about their aunt in Virginia who paints the prettiest butterflies, but they themselves can’t draw a stick figure. Sunburn. Sudden rain. The perfect scene in a perfectly inaccessible spot. The sun moving incredibly quickly across the sky, changing the entire scene. The clouds moving even faster! Did I say bugs already? The sun in your eyes. Glare on your painting. Oh, and hauling all that heavy gear around. Ugh.

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Gearing Update: My Mini-pack

Sometimes I just need a quick, mini-pack to grab and run. This comes in handy when I am not going on a long trip or have large work to produce in the field. It is super lightweight and, just like an emergency kit, I can always have it stocked and ready! Total weight is less than your 10 lb. sack of flour. Backpack/purse:

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