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Working through Challenges and Adversities, Peggi Kroll Roberts

What are some of these challenges that I face that I bet all artists face through their careers.  How do I work through them? How do you work through them?  Each challenge has it’s own answer.  For example, when I experience a creative block and I know I will run into them the rest of my life, I find something to work on unrelated to what I am “known for”. I am mainly know for representational work. “What it looks like”.

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How I Gained 10,000 Fans on Instagram, Sergio Lopez

First of all, let’s talk about what Instagram is. I’m surprised at how many people still don’t know what it is, or how to use it. In the beginning, people considered it only to be where you post pictures of your coffee cup that look like you shot it with an expired polaroid. Well, much like how people now use Twitter for much more than just saying what they had for breakfast, artists all over the world are using it to promote and sell their art, including myself. Instagram is just an app where you take any picture from your phone and upload it to your account. Other people can follow your account, and your photos show up in their “feed,” just like Facebook. 

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Method to the Magic and Other Creative Musings, Jennifer McChristian

Often people ask me about the difference between how I work when painting a studio piece versus how I work when painting outdoors. With plein air there is a certain amount of spontaneity, mental fortitude and ingenuity that is required to complete a painting in one session.  Working en plein air engages you in its visceral experience and makes you more sensitive to subtle color changes and tonal gradations due to changing atmospheric conditions.  Because of these quickly changing conditions I am forced to paint in a more intuitive and expressive manner, capturing the essence and impression of my subject matter and omitting unnecessary and irrelevant detail.  Painting from life is essential to every artist.  It sharpens the memory, dramatically improves draftsmanship, and gradually enhances painting proficiency. 

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