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Why I designed the STRADA Easel, Bryan Mark Taylor

A couple of years ago my easel fell apart which prompted me to look for another outdoor painting easel. Although, I liked many features of the pochade box I previously owned, there were several things that frustrated me including wind nuts, springs and other moving parts. After looking at other pochade boxes and plein air easels on the market, I couldn't find the one that fit my needs. So overChristmas break several years ago, I spent a few weeks working out a new design. One thing led to another and after multiple prototypes and a year of testing and tweaking, the STRADA Easel was born. 

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Gearing Update: My Mini-pack

Sometimes I just need a quick, mini-pack to grab and run. This comes in handy when I am not going on a long trip or have large work to produce in the field. It is super lightweight and, just like an emergency kit, I can always have it stocked and ready! Total weight is less than your 10 lb. sack of flour. Backpack/purse:

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