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The Party's Over... a Parting Gift

Our best-blogger award goes to Carolyn Anderson, for the post Four Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve your Painting, sending you a little nifty gift for your amazing blog post. Now, all of you who joined in got social, we put your names in the hat to win a little surprise.

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The Importance of Your Tools; Brushes, Symi Jackson

‘’A Bad man always blames his tools’’, but what if this wasn’t the case?

How I see it is like this, you’ve already got enough challenges when you’re painting, why make this more difficult for yourself? You really are doing yourself no favour by not investing in your art materials. And it is just that, an investment. I know that painting is the ‘’new’’ golf, I’ve spent so much on art supplies myself, and that’s from someone who really does not consider themself an artist.

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Best Blog Party Ever, The Guest List

One place, one month and 21 fabulously talented people sharing their knowledge, experience and inspirations. So invite some friends and join the #BestBlogPartyEver!

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