The Importance of Your Tools; Brushes, Symi Jackson


‘’A Bad man always blames his tools’’, but what if this wasn’t the case?

How I see it is like this, you’ve already got enough challenges when you’re painting, why make this more difficult for yourself? You really are doing yourself no favour by not investing in your art materials. And it is just that, an investment. I know that painting is the ‘’new’’ golf, I’ve spent so much on art supplies myself, and that’s from someone who really does not consider themself an artist.

Lori demonstrating brushstrokes

Lori demonstrating brushstrokes

But, so many of the teachers I speak to tell me about the battles and woes they have when students show up to their workshops with poor quality brushes, crappy canvas boards, paint passed down from their grandparents, and so on. I realise this may sound like I jest, but I know many of the teachers would agree with me. I implore you to take a good look at your supplies. Ask yourself, are you giving yourself the best starting point to make this work?

Why are brushes an investment I hear you ask? It’s simple, a brush is an extension of your arm. There is no doubt you’ve used a brush whereby the hairs fall out on your painting. Or how about when they splay, we all hate those straggling hairs. You are making a mark from your mind, from your creative sensors, and the brush can only perform with the hairs or fibres it has at the end of it. If you knew there was a way to make that mark just as how you’d intended, it seems nonsensical why you wouldn’t opt for that brush.

  Rosemary Thompson, Lori Putnam & Symi Jackson

  Rosemary Thompson, Lori Putnam & Symi Jackson

Every artist I know has either a carrier full of brushes, pots full of brushes in their studio, brushes coming out of their ears. Yet, most will admit they use very few from their collection; we all have our go-to brushes. However, if those brushes you really do rely on are not the best you can use, or afford, it’s time to have a think.

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I urge you to go and look through your brushes, think about the materials you use, and make the investment. Oh, and by the way, if you do need new brushes, why not make them Rosemary Brushes? :)

Symi Jackson, Sales/Marketing Director, Rosemary & Co.

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