The New Studio

5 acres in rural Tennessee about an hour west of Nashville

Over the next few months I will be doing a series of small post about how the new studio is coming along. Because building goes the very slowly, these will just be snapshots of what's going on and a line or two. Actually, I will be out of town for most of it, so I'll be relying on my husband to send me some pics to post. I hope you find it helpful and encouraging if you ever build your own studio.  

I can already see much inspiration coming from our new place.

From the outside, the studio will look more like a barn/utility/out-building than a house, with wide, western cedar planking, stone to grade, and a metal roof. Inside will be 2 1/2 story in height to the crest of the large wooden trusses. On one end will be a huge fireplace, and the general interior feeling will be similar to a lodge in the mountains. As I mentioned above, there will be windows on the north-facing side. The opposite wall will be lined with shelving and cabinetry. There is also a separate work room for framing and stretching canvases.

There have been some changes (dimensions primarily) since these plans were made, but you get the idea:

Because we will also be living there, the design includes a loft area that will serve as our bedroom. It also has a modest kitchen and bathroom.

We purchased the land last year, and Mark began planning where the studio would sit on the property to allow for the best, north light situation for me. We had to also consider where an eventual future home might be built, should we decide to go that route. 

That's a happy man. Passed inspection with flying colors.

Mark spent much of last fall and winter clearing trees and digging the trench for underground utilities. Earlier this spring, the well was put in, and we contracted with someone to prepare the foundation for the post and beam construction. 

Much of this has been knocked down. Mark is pretty patient, but you do NOT want to cross this man. He expects it done right!

For the past two weeks, our block mason has been working. He did a pitiful job. So pitiful, in fact, that Mark knocked most of the pillars out, tore down the foundation for the fireplace, and spent hours cleaning and recovering block to be re-used by someone more competent. We shall see how that goes.

Next week, we are scheduled to have the building crew out to start "assembly."  The structure has pre-dimensioned timbers built to our plan specs. This part, weather cooperating, should go fairly quickly. All of the "pieces" were delivered on a big truck a few weeks ago.

That's it for now.  I'll post again when there is something more to share.