Working through Challenges and Adversities, Peggi Kroll Roberts

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What are some of these challenges that I face that I bet all artists face through their careers.  How do I work through them? How do you work through them?  Each challenge has it’s own answer.  For example, when I experience a creative block and I know I will run into them the rest of my life, I find something to work on unrelated to what I am “known for”. I am mainly know for representational work. “What it looks like”.

So one of my solutions is to go abstract, like my “Dots” or images where subject matter becomesless recognizable.

This frees my mind to wander and get out of a mindset of “will this be what they want”. God, I hate that.

What if you have a family member that is very ill and you are their caretaker emotionally and financially or an unexpected expense has entered your life?  You need to keep a steady income but still nurture your artistic soul.  My solution to this was to find income outside of my galleries and teaching.  I work a lot in other mediums.  I always have.  And since the galleries have me in a very narrow slot I thought why can’t I do something with “my other work”.  So I opened an Etsy shop.  I was able to take my watercolors, gouache and more expressive work and list it so that it was very inexpensive.

With no auction record like I have with my oils I could price them at any price I wanted to.  Plus I get such a wonderful satisfaction in making original work affordable to those with “no money”.  And don’t get me wrong.  I think as highly of these works as I give the galleries.

What if you suffer from depression?  Anti-depressants are a godsend.  In that case, I get out into the studio and do some art that I know for sure I will succeed at. I work on something small, easy and that I know I have fun doing.  Painting my small gouache figures is a key to getting excited for painting other works.

Another challenge for me is trying to work when so many other things need to be done!  Laundry, paper work, phone calls, cooking, cleaning.  All these can be such a distraction and I know I have to put my work ahead of these.  I don’t let them go though.  I figured that if I work first thing in the mornings it energizes me for the late afternoon chores.  I used to try and get the chores done in the morning but then these could just take the wind out of my sail and I may work but the energy is lacking.  You have to be pretty strict about how you budget your time.

What if you go out to the studio and that voice in your head says “OMG, I have forgotten how to paint”!  That’s when I give myself an assignment.  I also call them “recipes”.

I will take a subject matter and put limitations to execution.  I might say I am going to allow myself“two values, limited palette, 1/3 dark and 2/3 light in a square”.  Or another recipe may be “just separate light from shadow with  two colors and I get 30 brushstrokes”.


I hope this helps and gives you an insight to a walk in my shoes.


Please visit Peggi's website to see her lovely and expressive art.