Wrapping up Apalachicola Workshop

Just an average morning view.

Had a great workshop this past week with 17 wonderful students in the Florida panhandle. It was pretty hot down there, but everyone worked hard in spite of it.

DAY 1: Introductory demonstration. 

Establishing the shadow pattern shows strength of the design.

"Oyster House on Water Street," 11x14

DAY 2: Quick sketch at Scipio Creek. 

Showing students the difference between boat reflections and 

boat cast shadows, even in the mid-day sun.

"Boats Float," 8x10.

Finding a little shade and breeze made the afternoon better.

DAY 3: Painting, Mid-day lecture, More Painting

Everyone painted more boats in the morning. After lunch, we retreated to the air condition for a discussion on equipment and color mixing with a limited palette during   the hottest part of the day. Then back down to the marina for another painting session.

     Students always want to know how to "

loosen up

" and use color.

"Just Wanna Have Fun", 11x14

Day 4: Lafayette Park Paintings

Green roof in light is lighter than yellow house in shadow.

"Yellow House, Green Roof",  8x10

Spent my lunch break dancing with the devil's color.

"Greens," 11x14

Wrapped up day 4 with a group critique and wine! Great way to end the workshop.

Good bye Mexico Beach. 

Shrimp...I will miss you the most.