Cold Cream

18x24 inches, oil on linen


My super power is seeing...

These gorgeous Charolais live just up the road from me. An amazing thing happens every time I pass by them. No matter what time of year, their colors weave and blend in and out of the scene in abstract shapes. 

Where I live in Middle Tennessee, we only get a few inches of snow every winter. (We used to get a lot more when I was a little girl.) I usually have to travel to paint in the snow, work on sketches, and take resource photos. When it does snow close to home, I get out and paint in it as much as I can.

Last winter, after painting a few quick sketches of trees and their colors on our property here in the country, I decided to venture down the road toward Jones Creek. There is something so lovely about the deep, rich colors of a small stream against bright snow.

Just as I drove past these cows, the sun came out reflecting bright blue into every shadow. The bare trees and cream-colored movement against them was breathtaking. Only the young, red calf was very visible at all, and even some of her shapes seemed to be "missing" as the cows moved along behind her.

Like the Charolais in the field, the painting itself should be viewed from a distance. Doing so will encourage you, as the viewer, to complete the parts that are abstracted, and for a brief moment you are an artist too. But just like the cows that turn to see us as we pass by, you will want to move in much closer. Here I have provided that experience for you: 



You know by certain shapes and edges, that this is definitely a painting of cows. A painting isn't a photograph; it isn't an exact copy of every tiny thing; it is an idea; it is art. The connected prisms of color, one flowing into the other are a playground for your imagination. You "fill in the blanks." This studio piece was painted with that way of seeing in mind. It is fantastic to be able to see the world this way, in shapes and patterns and patchwork. I hope to help viewers of my work learn to do the same.

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