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5th Annual Plein air Convention and Expo

This year we are on our way to Tucson! As always there are lots of surprises in store. I hope you'll join me painting every day in the field, listening and watching the world's top artists, and grabbing some amazing deals from the best art supply vendors.

I will be giving an hour demonstration
8:00 PM, Sunday, April 17

Waves, Ripples, Sparkles, and Reflections: Paint Water with Fun and Simplicity

Does the water appear light; does it look dark? How do I make it seem to be moving? How do I paint it calm and still? Why do my waves look flat and my sparkles look corny? The earth is covered in roughly 70% water, yet how much do you comprehend about how to paint it? Lori Putnam will simplify what you need to know. Once you absorb just a few principles, you will understand what clues to look for and begin seeing water's shapes more easily. That means you will also have a lot more fun painting it! This crash course and demonstration on painting water will have you making a few waves of your own in no time.

Visit online to read all about the convention or to register.