Mentoring Participants...What they have to say

"Working with Lori in her Mentoring program has been amazing and is pushing me to new heights in my painting. I feel like I am really moving forward in both skill and mindset. I am taking risks and understanding color and value like never before. She is also guiding me as I shift my career into being a full time painter. I am so blessed to be working with such a nurturing and talented artist whom I respect and admire."


The value of face to face online mentoring with Lori cannot be underestimated.  It is prompting reflective practice in my work and contributing to my growth as an artist. I look forward to each encounter with Lori, via our online meetings, they are insightful, thoughtful and enjoyable.


I’ve dreamed of being taught, one-on-one, by a great artist. The mentoring program, with Lori Putnam, makes that a reality. Having an expert direct their undivided attention to my work has given me the insight and perspective that is helping me improve and grow as an artist. I look forward to every session and review the videos multiple times, to make sure I understand and absorb the teaching. To those looking for focused guidance to improve painting skills, sign up and get ready to paint better!

— PAM M.

I have really enjoyed Lori’s mentoring program. It is so easy to talk with Lori and I feel she is really helping me advance with my artwork.


My hour is jam packed with insight on how to fix my mistakes, how to approach a new painting, color, composition, career development and all from an artist who is easy to talk to! I am loving every minute and also enjoying getting to know the other artists who are participating!


Thanks for the wonderful mentoring sessions. You are right that I am painting differently, and also I THINK and SEE differently now. You taught me the basics, which allows me to make my own mistakes and recover. When I look at my old work, I have a better idea of how I could have done things in a more powerful, compelling (and easier) way. No need to paint every single detail. Let the viewer do part of the work: it’s more entertaining for them anyway and frees up my time and energy.


Lori, you mentioned at one point in your videos to contact you with a painting we did of something we learned watching your Nitty Gritty Video series. We had our first Plein Air paint out competition here in Fredericksburg Virginia three weeks ago. Judge was Joseph Di Bella (distinguished professor emeritus (studio art) of University of Mary Washington. You had to turn in a wet framed painting (first time for me framing a wet painting) by 2 p.m. the day you painted. 

I got up at 4:30 am on the designated Saturday to have everything all set up by 5:45am  sunrise on the Rappahannock river. The night before I reviewed your video on mixing greens. I used your suggested Naphthol red instead of my cad red light. I started mixing my greens in piles and adding a cool or warm to the initial pile. Everything you demonstrated really stuck with me as I painted. Guess what? It won FIRST place. It was amazing listening to the judge talk about plein air painters. He was very insightful. I got emotional before I knew I won, because here was someone who understood what I have been feeling about plein air for the last 6 years. I would rather chase the light than paint in the studio. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you as you were in inspiration with your videos. Keep them coming. I love them….