Application Fee for Online Mentoring Program

Application Fee for Online Mentoring Program


Applications are now being accepted at any time of the year.

The cost for the complete six-month program is $2900. You will not be billed until after you are accepted into the program. Upon acceptance, your $35 application fee will be applied to the program cost, and an entry date will be chosen.

Optional, convenient monthly payments are available with an added, small, administrative processing fee.

Only 10 artists will be chosen to be in the program at any given time.
Due to the expected high volume of applicants, a $35 application fee is required to cover administrative costs.

Allow up to 3 weeks for notification of your acceptance. Thank you!


NOTICE! Recent tax law changes in certain states and countries require sales tax/VAT be charged on services and digital downloads. These laws are literally changing every day. If required, the amount will automatically be added to your cart and visible on the checkout page.