We recently completed the building of my new studio in rural Charlotte, Tennessee. Unpacking boxes, stacking books, and placing artwork that was created by some of my greatest friends resulted in this still-life, interior motif.  The paintings and sculpture seen here are very loose interpretations of the actual works themselves. The sculpture, bathed in the beautiful north light of the studio, is by artist Alan LeQuire. The figure at top left is by Matt Linz, followed by a nude in candlelight in the middle by Quang Ho, and a portrait sketch by Kevin Beilfuss at top right.  These were all gifts or trades from these guys. Yes, I am very fortunate. Having works  surround me during the day inspires me to try new things, to grow, and to explore other subjects and mediums.  This is my tiny "Tribute" to those four amazing artists. I love having you with me every day!

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See how their colors move and create different shapes against the colors of summer by clicking here, Heavy Cream. 

See the painting of Jones Creek by clicking here, Blurred Lines.

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