Up She Rises



A highlight of my travels, hikes I have taken into the Eastern Sierras offer these inspiring views. This particular pack trip was to Drunken Sailor Lake near Mammoth. The white granite is stunning at 11,000 feet, and the colors are constantly changing. I’m always eager to roll out of the tent before sunrise and paint as many small, color sketches as I possibly can. The silence is almost deafening. Just when my fingertips are about frozen, our camp cook brings over a nice, steaming cup of coffee. It’s not exactly Starbucks, but does the job. Over the course of the 5 days, I paint a huge pile of oil studies from sunrise to late in the evening when the moon is over the water. When I return home to the studio, these pieces become my resource for creating larger studio works like Up She Rises. This piece was awarded $3000 First Place in an exhibition entitled All Along the Sierra at Epperson Gallery in Crockett, California. The Awards Judge was Carrie Brewster, Director, Saint Mary’s College Museum of Art.

Lori Putnam2 Comments