Putnam Studio Favorites, 2019


These are all Gamblin Artists Colors available at www.dickblick.com and other retailers:

The four colors listed in bold are all you really need. On my website, go to my blog and click on the search icon (upper left hand corner – the magnifying glass) type “color” into the keyword search. It will direct you to several blog posts about my philosophy on color.


• Transparent Earth Yellow
Cad Yellow Light
• Cad Yellow Medium (usually helpful for fall-color)
• Indian Yellow
• Cad Orange Deep
Napthol Red
• Asphaltum
• Brown Pink
• Quinacridone Magenta (usually helpful for spring-flowers/still life)
• Quinacridone Violet or Diox Purple
Ultramarine Blue
• Chromatic Black or Payne’s Grey
• Cobalt Blue, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green for fun
• Permanent Green Lt
• Cadmium Green
• Warm White
Titanium White
• Radiant Blue
• Radiant Turquoise


Gamblin Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) and Gamblin Solvent Free Gel


symi rosemary logo copysmall.png

I use a combination of synthetic, bristle, and badger brushes to achieve different shapes and edges.

Here are three sets of brushes that you might want to explore:  

Several styles of palette knives, scrapers, and colour shapers available at www.dickblick.com and other retailers. 


There are many good sources for surfaces. I prefer working on panels whenever possible, even in my studio. The most stable very large panels I have found are from Windriver Arts. I like the stiffness as opposed to working on stretched canvases with “spring.” A panel that I like a lot is available at from RayMarArt.com. It is the #15 dp oil linen. They come with several different types of backing, although I do not think that is listed on their website. These are more expensive than the cotton ones, but the surface is really lovely allowing you to achieve different effects.  If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, try the Centurion double oil primed linen pads and some gatorboard for stapling or taping. The absolute lightest panel on the market is made by Multi-media Artboard. It comes in the same variety of surfaces as most of the others I have mentioned. You can pack a zillion of these in the space of just a few of the others. Keep in mind that because they are so lightweight, they require a bit of special handling in getting them home if they are not dry. They do not have the structure needed to withstand pressure on the sides of any sort of flexible wet-paint carrier in a suitcase. A completely different surface that I dearly love is the Quick Panel that EdgePro makes for their Paintbooks and Sketchbooks.

Wet-Painting Carriers:

Two kinds I find useful—

Raymar Art

Panel Pak

Plein air Easel:


I use a Paintbook by EdgePro Gear, edgeprogear.com. If you want to order one, you need to allow about a month for production time. Use appropriate 2019 promo code from the list below:

• LPPBUP2019 - PaintBook Ultimate Package - $25 off
• LPSBUP2019 - SketchBook Ultimate Package - $15 off
• LPPB2019 - QuickPanel Capable PaintBook - $25 off
• LPSB2019 - SketchBook - $10 off

Yes, you will want to have the side trays and tripod apron as well, and the light is great if you ever think you might need one.

Also from EdgePro is a magnificent brush holder. I use it in my studio clipped to my easel. (Not en plein air as they intend.)

Lightweight Tripod:

I use a Slik Sprint Pro Mini (which works for anyone 5’6” or under). Taller people will want the original Slik Sprint Pro II. I also order a heftier ball head and change it, the Manfrotto 496RC2 with 200PL-14 Quick Release Plate.
This tripod is super lightweight and strong, but is not hefty enough for some people’s liking.


Kelty Redwing. Mine is a 44 (litre).

Studio-Specific equipment:

Sorry guys, my husband built my easel. But my taboret is awesome too and inexpensive. I have this large one from Seville Classics. It is actually a tool chest, but it is like it was designed for this. They also make a smaller one.

My studio has natural north lighting. I prefer not to work by artificial light unless I have to do so.