Lori Putnam Plein Air Workshops Supply List


Easel/equipment: You are responsible for providing your own easel unless otherwise available from the hosting organization. Please check with your Registration Contact to be certain. I use an EdgePro Gear. If you want to order one, you need to allow about a month for production time. Use promo code LPSTUDENT2017 at check out to save $25. (If for any reason the code does not work, please email me as it may have been updated). 

• Wooden or neutral gray mixing palette (may be part of your portable easel)  

Bring any color palette you are comfortable with using. These are the colors I enjoy using indoors. The four marked with an asterisk* are all you really need (especially for keeping your gear lightweight when working en plein air). Others are optional for fun and convenience, but you can certainly make do without them.

These are all Gamblin Artists Colors available at www.dickblick.com and other retailers: 

• Cad Yellow Light* 
• Cad Yellow Medium
• Transparent Earth Yellow
• Cad Orange Deep
• Napthol Red* 
• Brown Pink
• Quinacridone Violet
• Ultramarine Blue* 
• Prussian Blue, Manganese Blue Hue, or Phtalo Blue for fun
• Permanent Green Lt
• Chromatic Black or Payne’s Grey
• Portland Cool Grey
• Asphaltum
• Radiant Turquoise
• Titanium White* 
• Warm White 


Do not bring old, worn-out brushes. I use a combination of synthetic, bristle, and badger brushes to achieve different shapes and edges. Here is a link to two sets of brushes that you might want to explore:  

Several styles of palette knives, scrapers, and colour shapers available at www.dickblick.com and other retailers 

There are many good sources for and stretched canvases. I prefer working on panels whenever possible. I like the stiffness as opposed to working on stretched canvases with “spring.” The panel that I like a lot is available at from RayMarArt.com. It is the #15 dp oil linen. These are more expensive than the cotton ones, but the surface is really lovely allowing you to achieve different effects. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, try the Centurion double oil primed linen pads and some gatorboard for stapling or taping.  

  • You will need about two or three each day of the workshop, ranging in sizes from 8x10 to 12x16. Remember, you will need to have a means to transport these wet paintings home with you, so bring sizes you have wet carriers for, especially if you are flying. 


  • Wet canvas carriers such as PanelPak or Raymar  
  • Plein Air umbrella 
  • Small sketchpad and pencil or even better, Neutral Grey, Duo tipped markers, 1 each in tones 3, 5, and 9 (similar to these Copic Sketch Markers)
  • ViewCatcher (gray plastic crop/view finder tool) available at most art stores 
  • EMPTY, small, sealable, non-breakable, spill-proof container for mineral
  • Gamblin Solvent Free Gel (optional, makes the paint dry more rapidly for ease in packing)
  •  Gamsol (recommended) Artists’ Grade Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) IF TRAVELING BY PLANE, OMS should be purchased at your final destination. DO NOT PACK AND BRING. IT IS ILLEGAL TO BRING OMS ON FLIGHTS. Do not bring contractor-grade OMS that is available at hardware stores. It is not good for you, people around you, or your paints! NOTE: If you are attending a workshop at my studio, I only allow Gamsol in my studio.
  •  Paper towels and plastic grocery bags (for trash) 
  • Sense of humor

For your physical comfort:

  • Dress in layers, or bring a change of clothes, to adjust as weather changes 
  • Wear neutral-colored top or jacket 
  • Hat, visor, or umbrella for sun or rain 
  • Long sleeves/pants 
  • Bug spray 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Comfortable shoes, or a chair or stool 
  • Bring plenty of bottled water