Lori’s Personal Travel List


□Event and travel contacts, □schedule, □maps, □tickets, □ID, □passport, and □other information
□EdgePro, □side trays, □light for nocturnes (pack in carry on luggage if traveling by air) 
□Brushes (pack in carry on luggage if traveling by air) 
□Painting hats
□Plein air umbrella
□Additional flashlight
□Backpack w/:

□Bungee cords clips
□Utility tool
□Bug spray
□Paint Mediums
□Palette knives, scrapers
□Sketchpad, pencils, markers
□Gamsol (order or ship if traveling by air)
□OMS container
□Paper towels □wet wipes
□Trash bags
□View catcher
□Rescue whistle

□Painting panels and wet canvas carriers
□iPad and charger Phone and charger
□Music and charger, □headphones
□Coffee travel mug, □French press, □Coffee, □mini cooler, □lunch pack, □Yeti, □corkscrew
□Thank you notes, □Handouts, □workshop booklets, □business cards, □frames and framing, □supplies, □books, □DVDs


□sleeping bag
□cot and pad
□bath wipes
□environmental bathing wash
□camelback pack
□solar charger
□trekking poles
□jet boil
□first aid kit


Seasonal painting clothes for each day: □capris and shorts, or □jeans, □pants, □tops, □layers, □jacket, □coat, □hats, □gloves, □hand warmers, □rain jacket, □rain pants, □rain hat, □umbrella □Seasonal under garments, □socks, □belts
□Painting shoes/boots
□Dress clothes, □dress shoes, □Casual clothes, □casual shoes, □special under garments, □jewelry
□Over-the-counter meds
□Face wash, !face moisturizer, !make-up
□Body Lotion
□Toothbrush, □toothpaste, □brick
□Shampoo, □conditioner, □hair product, □brush, □comb, □hair dryer, □flat iron
□Soap, □body wash
□Body powder
□Laundry sheets