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Good words from peers and collectors


"Lori, I have seen some phenomenal paintings by you in the magazines, congratulations."   —Kevin Macpherson  

"To stand in front of a Lori Putnam painting, is pure poetry! As an artist this is one of the most difficult things to attain." —Scott L. Christensen  
"Your paintings have a wonderful expressive quality about them.  The paint and colors always fresh and clean and laid down with a naturalness that is not arrived from techniques.  I see refinement and a heightened sensitivity to the finer shapes... which inevitably brings the viewer in and makes them linger a while." —Quang Ho  
"Like the natural light that figures so prominently in her work, Lori Putnam's art does not sit still, is it constantly in motion.  She treats the viewer to the total plein air experience, not simply the effect of light, which she captures so well, but the movement inherent in fluid sunlight.  It is the motion of life itself.  Lori does this like no one else can." —Jean Stern, Executive Director, The Irvine Museum  
 "I've very impressed with the way you are rapidly advancing your career by growing your talent, sharing your knowledge, and increasing the enthusiasm for plein air painting." —Steve Doherty, Editor-in-Chief,  Plein Air Magazine   

"We are thrilled to have Lori’s work in our collection.  Her bold, efficient brushwork, her beautiful color harmonies, and her dynamic compositions come together to create masterful paintings." —Mary Linda and Jay Strotkamp, Collectors  

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