Blurred Lines



Shapes, textures, patterns, lines, colors,

these are the elements that excite me to create. 

Jones Creek runs very near my home in Middle Tennessee. This scene is one of the narrower passages, just before it flows into the Harpeth River. 

I have noticed similar scenes during winter travels to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The rich tones of the water look particularly dark against the bright snow. It was a rare gift to find such a view here in Tennessee. We no longer get huge snows in the winter like we did when I was a little girl. When it does snow here, it never sits on the long enough for the sun to cast beautiful shadows like this. 

Every shape in this painting is completely different than every other shape. From the largest chunks to the smallest marks, I carefully painted them with intention and purpose. It is a misconception that painting loosely and expressively is some how quick, random, or without thought. On the contrary. To paint with what appears to be total abandon, I must concentrate, make a million decisions, place, scrape, move back and forth. In calculated moves, I step in and out of the canvas, dancing with the image forming there. 

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